Louder Than Words

posted Feb 6, 2017, 4:46 PM by Nadia Martinez   [ updated May 23, 2017, 8:31 PM ]
Louder Than Words curated by Nadia Martinez

Louder Than Words Pop-up Art Exhibition
Curated by Nadia Martinez 
January 28 to February 17, 2017

Opening reception: Saturday, January 28, 2017
1:00 to 5:00 PM

121 Varick St. 
New York, NY 10013

Louder Than Words brings together an international team of artists from 12 countries who use different media to communicate their emotions, concerns, memories and ideas about life, nature, hope, decay, politics, world events, and humanity. The pieces contained in this exhibition speak for themselves, louder than any words that could describe them. 

In her quest to fully express herself, an Iranian artist's installation depicts how despite the circumstances, there is always hope. The triptych of an American artist shows us that no matter how much time passes, some news and memories are powerful enough to stay with us and inform the present by evolving into new forms. A Venezuelan artist in her installation reminds us that we are all pilgrims on this path that is life and that the spiritual pilgrimage can, even without words, allow the melody of the heart to move us. 

These works help us rethink who we are and find new ways to contemplate and understand our unique contributions to the world. 

Touba AlipourKakeru Asai, Ghislaine Boreel, Dennis BourkeMichelle BratsafolisWalter BrownKathryn CameronMonika CamillucciOsmeli DelgadoMichele Rave GrassaniMicaela KramerHazel ManheimerCecilia NelsonEsther RosaPoramit ThantapalitSarah TseTeresa Waterman

Touba Alipour

Touba Alipour

"Out of this long political darkness, a brighter day will come." - Barack Obama, 2004 -, 2016

Plaster, paint, charcoalSite specific installation

Email: touba.alipourk@gmail.com                      www.toubaalipour.com


Kakeru Asai

Kakeru Asai

Cosmic Mind Dog, 2012, Mixed media, 36” x 22”

Cosmic Mind IX, 2013, Mixed media, 36” x 22”

Email: elfscred109@gmail.com                      www.kakeruasai.com


Ghislaine Boreel
Ghislaine Boreel

Ungula, 2016, Ink on paper, 19” X 15”

Rose Petals and Pine II, 2016, Ink and acrylic on paper, 19” X 15”

Rose Petals and Pine III, 2016, Ink and acrylics on paper, 19” X 15”

Email: gboreel@gmail.com


Dennis Bourke

Dennis Bourke

Tar-Landscape I, 2016, Tar and pigmented print on canvas, 72” x 60” x 2"

Tar-Landscape II, 2016, Tar and pigmented print on canvas, 72” x 60” x 2"

Tar Trees, 2014, Tar on unprimed canvas, 26" x 24"

Email: dbourke418@gmail.com                      www.dbourke.com



MIchelle Bratsafolis

Michelle Bratsafolis

We the People, 2017, Cyanotype on silk organza, Dimensions variable

Email: michelle.bratsafolis@gmail.com                      www.michellebratsafolis.com



Walter Brown

Walter Brown


First Movement: A Wasted Life, 2005, Oil on canvas, 20" x 24"

Second Movement: Disintegration, 2016, Plastic bags, acrylic paint, 40" x 32"

Third Movement: Transfiguration, 2016, Aluminum foil, acrylic paint32" x 30"

Email: waltblu@gmail.com                      www.walterbrownart.com

Kathryn Cameron

Kathryn Cameron

Stolen Moments, 2016, Abaca, rust, steel wire, thread, Dimensions variable

Email: kathryn@kathryncameron.com                      www.kathryncameron.com         


Monika Camillucci

Monika Camillucci

Meteorite, 2015, Wire, 22” diameter

Email: monikacamillucci@gmail.com                      www.monikacamillucci.com

Osmeli Delgado

Osmeli Delgado

The Pilgrimage, 2017, Plaster and thread, Site specific installation

Email: osmeli.delgado@gmail.com                      www.osmelidelgado.com



Michelle Rave Grassani

Michele Rave Grassani

Grace & Jackie, 2016, 8 Polaroids, 4.5” x 3.8” each

Email: mrg@borderroom.com                      http://borderroom.com


Micaela Kramer

Micaela Kramer

Shoot the Messenger, 2016Upholstery fabric, gesso, acrylic, charcoal, pleather, gravel44” X 60”

Email: micakramer@yahoo.com                      www.micaelakramer.com


Hazel Manheimer
Hazel Manheimer

Can You Buy a Rothko on Amazon?, 2016Acrylic on canvas24” x 96”

Email: hazelmanheimer@gmail.com                      www.hazelmanheimer.com


Cecilia Nelson

Cecilia Nelson

The Guardian of the Temple, 2016, Recycled paper, masking tape, tracing paper, 10” x 5” x 9”

Photographs, 8” x 10” and 11” x 14”

Email: ciamedia@yahoo.com                      http://cecilianelson.se/


Esther Rosa

Esther Rosa

Loosen Up Your Ties, 2016, Resin and ink, Dimensions variable

Email: info@sohotelartspace.com                      http://estherrosa.com/


Poramit Thantapalit

Poramit Thantapalit

Modular Maneuver, 2017, Upcycled clothing and wire, Site specific installation

Email: poramit@gmail.com                      http://pixibition.weebly.com/


Sarah Tse

Sarah Tse

Sweet Little 16, 2016, Aluminum print, Edition of 5, 24” x 16”

Jenny, 2016, Aluminum print, Edition of 5, 24” x 16”

Email: sarahtse@sarahtse.com                      www.sarahtse.com


Teresa Waterman

Teresa Waterman

Nomadic Geographies, 2016, Graphite on paper, 21.5” x 17” each

Email: waterman.teresa@gmail.com                      www.teresawaterman.com