Tell Me Another Story

I had the privilege to curate a Viewing Room from the K. Caraccio Collection.

Tell Me Another Story

Curated by Nadia Martinez

Works by Vladimir Adreenkov, Arun Bose, Isabel Bigelow, Lamar Briggs, Alexander Brodsky, and Ilya Utkin, Kathy Caraccio, Hugh Kepets, Stephen Lorber, Takahiro Maruno, Louise Nevelson, and Doris Seidler.

This selection of prints from 1954 to 2017 walks a fine line between figurative and abstraction, where colors, shapes, textures, and compositions create narratives, allowing our imagination to construct our own stories. A door that just closed or it’s about to open, a full moon or a cold afternoon. Would he cross to the other side? What is behind that opening?

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The K. Caraccio collection is home to more than 5000 original prints and handmade books, collected over more than 40 years by master printer, artist, professor, and collector Kathy Caraccio.

The collection has over 5000 artworks, as 2019, prints and handmade books covering a wide geographical range. It expresses and is a result of both Kathy's collaborations throughout the decades with artists, as well as her personal taste and appreciation for hand-printed works.

Among the artists Kathy has editioned with and feature in her collection are Emma Amos, Ed Baynard, Romare Bearden, Brodsky and Utkin, Scott Campbel, Mel Bochner, Robert Blackburn, Robert Kipniss, and Louise Nevelson. Among the artists, Kathy continues to collaborate with are Bea Bardin, Scott Campbell, Dave Collins, Gail Flanery, Stephen Fredericks, George Nama, Lynn Newcomb, Mikhail Magaril, Adam Pitt, Emily Trueblood, Robin Sherin, Tanja Softic, and Ellen Weider.

Tell Me Another Story, Nadia Martinez

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